Online Coaching

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We also provide online training/coaching. Our programming is based on your needs and goals. Whether you are a powerlifter getting ready for your next competition or wanting to get stronger and lose some inches, we can design the perfect individualized program.

Your program is sent weekly via email. After you do the workouts, provide us with feedback so we make the necessary adjustments for the next week.  You will also have access to our private group page, where you can post questions or videos to be reviewed to insure proper technique. 

We offer 3 types of online training:

  1. Programming only- $50 monthly- This is great if you are seasoned powerlifter or want to get strong. You get access to our member page where the weekly program is posted.
  2. Programming and video review- $80 monthly- This is perfect for beginning or intermediate powerlifters who want their form and technique checked through video review. This is conducted through our private Facebook group page.
  3. Individualized Programming- $120 monthly- This is a custom made program just YOU based on your goals and needs.